MotoTec Knockout 1000W Electric Scooter

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MotoTec’s new Knockout 60V 100W Electric Scooter is a powerhouse designed for riders aged 16 and older. Fueled by five 12V 12Ah lead-acid batteries, it can travel up to 20 miles per charge at up to 20 mph. Enjoy big-bike performance with hardly any noise, thanks to its quiet yet robust 1000W electric hub motor. Its thick tires are perfect for pavement and off-roading, while its front and rear shocks and hydraulic brake system keep you in control throughout your ride. A double-seat with a built-in backrest maximize comfort, while front and rear LED lights illuminate the trail ahead while keeping you visible even at night.

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Comfort Meets Quiet

The Knockout is a great option for those who prioritize comfort and quiet. Though its 1000W motor packs a punch, it does so quietly without any harsh vibrations. Plus, its electric powertrain and lowered design make for a much more comfortable ride.

Great Versatility

With a range of around 20 miles and a throttle that powers effortless coasting, the Knockout is the perfect companion for city commutes, campus rides, and fun around the neighborhood. Use it to get wherever you need to go or just hit the streets to feel the wind in your hair. With a top speed of 25 mph, its much faster than much of the competition.

Stunning Design

Featuring a sleek, barebone lowrider design, ape handlebars, and alloy metal rims, the Knockout truly lives up to its name. Its large, padded seat can fit two riders comfortably and its wide deck gives you even more room while you’re cruising.

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4 reviews for MotoTec Knockout 1000W Electric Scooter

  1. Ben

    It was perfect untill the battery stop holding a charge. Only can get 8 miles on one charge. I used to be able took commute to work round trip 2x on one chargé

  2. Smoke

    This scooter is very well made. It took about hour or so get it out of shipping crate and put handle bar on. Not good for steep grades. Run great and ok for cost.

  3. Patrick

    It is awesome, easy to put the handle bars and back rest on, all the wires were connected and wheels and brakes were on, the battery was fully charged…I was riding it around the neighborhood 30 minutes after I received it…

  4. Mrl72

    They are excellently made great quality! Very sturdy. Very very fast they stay charged for a very long time. They’re worth every penny. My son and I love them so much!

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MotoTec is based out of Plover, Wisconsin and has been crafting top-quality electric scooters since 2009. They offer a diverse selection of products, including models for commuting, high-speed adventures, on-road use, off-road use, stylish cruising, and three-wheel scooters for extra stability.

Popular MotoTec models include the European designed MotoTec MAD; a high-powered, off-road powerhouse. It’s little brother, the MiniMAD that’s great for commuters. The stylish FatBoy cruiser. Street trikes for drifting. A series of three-wheeled electric scooters for active seniors and anyone that wants a third wheel for balance. MotoTec also manufacturers a leading line of hoverboards.

MotoTec has a reputation for designing quality built, affordable, feature-rich electric scooters. They stand by their work by offering lifetime tech support on every model.


Model Name
MotoTec Knockout 1000W Electric Scooter
Top Speed
60 miles
1000W Rear Hub Motor
60v (Five 12v/12ah SLA Batteries)
Charge Time
4-8 hrs
Braking System
Hydraulic Front and Rear
Max Load
450 Lbs
Frame Material
High-tensile steel
165 Lbs