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Introducing the new MotoTec Fat Tire 2000w Electric Scooter. This powerful hub motor, powered by a 60 volt 18ah Lithium Battery can reach speeds of 32 mph and travel up to 20 miles per charge. Equipped with a Front LED light, Front & Rear Hydraulic Brake and Fat Tires, this scooter is ready to tackle any terrain.

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Fat Tires

The massive air filled tires are offering the smoothest ride to any riders. Suspension system or shock absorbers are not necessary on this scooter, the tiers are doing all the work.

Ready for off road adventure? Rough roads in your area? Potholes on your way to work? Do not worry anymore, the Fat Tire Electric Scooter ill take car of your and your ride and will be the best companion you were looking for.

Impressive Power

With such big tires, you need big power! The 800W motor paired with the 60V 18Ah battery will compensate for the fat tires, who usually slow scooters down a bit, but you can be sure it’s not going to be the case with this one!

The impressive top speed of 32 miles per hour for more than 20 miles is incredible and it’s thanks to MotoTec choosing to put the max power on this scooter.

Stylish Design

Fat tires? Check. Power? Check. Style? Check.

The Fat Tire Electric Scooter has it all. And the style of this ride will definitely turn head, you will have questions asked to you and we hope you are ready!
It speaks for itself, the simple but elegant lines are inspired by the bikers style, the wide and high handlebar adds a little something. This scooter is different, and everybody can see it!


Model Name
MotoTec Fat Tire Chopper Electric Scooter
Top Speed
32 mph
20+ miles
2000W Rear Hub
60v 18ah Lithium-Ion Removable
Charge Time
4-8 hrs
Braking System
F/R Hydraulic
Max Load
300 lbs
Frame Material
High-tensile steel
123 lbs
F/R: 225/55-8 (bearing 6201)

5 reviews for MotoTec Fat Tire Chopper Electric Scooter

  1. Derek A.

    This scooter was a great addition to my moto-sport collection. I live out in the country where my buddies and I ride dirt bikes, ATVs, and go carts. This scooter has power, huge wheels which helps with the bumpy terrain and the light on the front it perfect for our night rides. Service and delivery were excellent and prompt.

  2. Dom S.

    This scooter is great to ride with my buddies. What I like most is that is charges relatively fast for being such a heavy duty scooter-I got up to 32 mph. Its nice too that it has a headlight for when I’m in the trails right before sunset! Awesome product

  3. Matthew

    This thing is a blast! Lots of hills where I live and this takes them with no problems. Fast, fun and comes almost fully assembled. Just attach the handlebars, tighten a few screws and off you go. It came fully charged! Lots of compliments from the neighbors and looking forward to riding it for years. Can’t go wrong with this !

  4. Bruce M.

    Awesome fat tire scooter. It can go on grass, bumpy sider walks, and trails. I live in a wooded area in tenn and super happy with this. the light is bright and the brakes are really smooth. I take this down when we fish at night and pack my gear on my back and still have not lost any power. thanks so much and fast shipping

  5. Tyler

    Ive had this for about 9 months and its awesome. Its comfortable, quiet, reliable and built surprisingly well. I am 6’2″ 205 and have never felt uncomfortable, unsafe or scared even at top speed, which is about what they claim (30 mph). I bought the warranty and dont think Ill need it because it really has held up well. I live in a VERY hilly area and it has no problem scooting me up steep inclines, or cruising on flat areas.

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