CycleBoard Rover Electric Scooter

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Say hello to the all-terrain electric scooter you’ve been waiting for. Built to handle rugged and mixed terrain, CycleBoard’s Rover comes equipped with larger 10-inch tires and full suspension that absorbs vibrations flawlessly to deliver a smoother, softer ride. Its 60V 1800W brushless silent rear hub motor yields 41Nm of torque, allowing you to reach faster top speeds, while its 1152W battery extends your cruise range. Choose between multiple speed modes to customize your ride and enjoy unparalleled steering and stability thanks to the Rover’s three-wheel intuitive lean-to-steer design built with patented linkage system (PLS). What’s more, you can ride with confidence knowing the Rover’s responsive brakes offer great stopping power.

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Built for the Road or the Trail

Whether you’re commuting in the city or riding off the beaten path, the Rover is equipped for any kind of adventure. Its powerful 1800W motor, long-range battery, full suspension, and all-terrain tires can take on any topography and environment.

Power Meets Performance

The Rover’s 60V 1800W direct-drive brushless hub motor offers great torque for climbing hills and accelerating quickly—and it’s nearly soundless. Reach 20 mph in 4-5 seconds and choose between five speed modes on the handlebar display based on your riding environment.

Reliable, Energy-Dense Battery Cells

The Rover’s battery pack contains 96 lithium-ion cells that deliver a combined 1152Wh of energy. This amount of capacity means you can go up to 40 miles on just one charge. The batteries are designed using LG MH1 and Samsun 35E cells—among the most energy-dense and reliable lithium-ion battery cells you can find. And because convenience is always a priority, the Rover allows you to charge your batteries both in or out of it.

Lean to Steer Technology

Custom Tires

Braking System

Cycleboard warrants that the PRODUCT, other than the grip tape/deck, tires, and the battery pack will be free from defects in the materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. The warranty for the battery pack is 6 months. The following are not covered by the warranty Damage has been caused by the modification or use outside those specified in the user manual. The serial number of the product has been altered or removed. The product has been dismantled and repaired/reassembled improperly or with aftermarket parts. Water damage is not covered under warranty. Damage or fault has been caused by other issues (excluding product design, manufacture, quality, etc). Natural wear and tear that does not affect the product function (including scratches and wear and tear on frame, grip tape, tires, etc). Damage has been caused by accidents or human errors, such as breakage caused by rusting in a very wet environment. Damage has been caused by overloading the CycleBoard. Damage has been caused by acts-of-god such as fire, flood, earthquake, freezing, etc.

11 reviews for CycleBoard Rover Electric Scooter

  1. Bob B.

    We own 2 rovers! Love them. powerful with plenty of range. I weigh 220 lbs, the rover has enough power to get me anywhere. Used them on the golf course last week. What a blast! Everyone was looking. Not sure if it was more fun to ride them on the golf course, vs playing golf! Longer range rides have an almost snowboard feel to them. the Rover gobbles up uneven terrain and is a very stable mode of transportation and fun!!

  2. Erick B.

    My hats off to the best service behind such an awesome scooter, I would not want it any other way

  3. Joseph C.

    This thing kicks butt! The Rover cruises with all the stability you could want. Fast and easy to handle even for less experienced riders like me. Tackles hills like a beast.

  4. Craig S.

    Superb quality, we received our His and Her Rover’s. Don’t settle for anything less. The quality and engineering in these are amazing. The Rovers are a beast.

  5. Adam K.

    Best. Thing. Ever. Living that rover life! Simply amazing, I am a big person and my Rover cycleboard responds with amazing brutality.

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Located in southern California, CycleBoard designs, develops and manufactures light personal electric vehicles based on their patented steering technology and 3-wheel platform.

Cycleboard’s patented linkage system (PLS) amplifies the degree of wheel turn to match the gentle lean of the rider.

CycleBoard is creating light personal electric vehicles designed and engineered to reduce the fall risk commonly associated with stand-up riding. While other micro-mobility products put heavy emphasis on smaller designs that oftentimes are less stable, Cycleboard believes their electric vehicles offer riders a greater level of control and maneuverability by combining their patented lean-to-steer system and 3-wheel platform.

Cycleboard electric vehicles are fun, functional and easy to ride.

Model Name
CycleBoard Rover Electric Scooter
Top Speed
Up to 27 mph
up to 40 Miles
60v 1800w brushless hub motor
60V 19.2 Ah
Charge Time
6-7 Hours
Braking System
Hydraulic rear disc brake (180mm) + Electronic Braking
Max Load
250 Lbs
79 Lbs
All-Terrain pneumatic 10" x 3" front tires / 10" x 3.5" rear tire