The owner of Levy, Eric Levenseller, started the company a few years ago. He noticed that all the ride share scooter companies had four letters like Bird, Spin, Uber, and Lyft, so he decided to go with his nickname growing up Levy.

Levy Electric is transforming urban mobility with uniquely designed, built-to-own electric scooters. Based on New York, we are one of the leading US-based companies designing lightweight electric vehicles.

Levy manufactures folding electric kick-scooters. They are made of lightweight aluminium, have a 350W motor and come with swappable battery packs. The battery case is waterproof and fireproof. The kick-scooter uses a double-braking system with a rear disc brake and E-ABS front brake. Its onboard computer uses an LCD display to show speed and battery range. It has LED headlights for safety.

Our Mission

Levy Electric is making affordable and lightweight electric vehicles accessible to all. We believe that rapid urbanization and innovation in battery technology will make Levy EVs the leading transportation of our future.