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With Levy’s e-scooter, you’re getting incredible value for the price. Its lightweight, quick-folding design makes it a favorite among urban commuters, and you can swap its battery in under 10 seconds to double your range. All you have to do is flip open the hinged display console, slide out the three-pound, 19-inch battery, and replace it with another. What’s more, it features an IP54 waterproof rating and an anti-fire battery case, an LCD display that showcases all pertinent ride stats, and a powerful 36V 350W motor with 700W peak capacity. Ride confidently knowing this scooter comes equipped with a double-braking system that includes a rear disc brake and an E-ABS front brake.

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Swap Out Batteries & Double Your Range

Purchase a second battery and keep it handy during rides to double your range. The Levy allows you to quickly and easily swap batteries out from their storage place the scooter’s fully weatherproof stem.

Designed With Safety In Mind

Levy’s electric scooters are equipped with a front e-brake, a rear disc brake, and even a back fender brake to maximize your control. Bright LED head- and taillights make you visible on the road while illuminating the path ahead.

Highest Quality Battery

Levy batteries are waterproof and stored in the e-scooter’s stem, keeping them safe from the elements. A fireproof case offers even further protection, and you never have to worry about overcharging the battery’s circuit. Additionally, a built-in charging port allows you to charge your battery separately from your scooter no matter where you are. Levy’s battery packs use the latest Panasonic and LG 18650 cells—the same you’ll find in some of the industry’s top electric cars.

Model Name
Levy Electric Scooter
Top Speed
18 Mph
10 Miles (Keep a second battery – sold separately – charged to swap out in seconds and double your range)
36V 350W motor- 700W peak capacity
36 V, 6.4aH (230 Watt-hours)
Charge Time
2.5 hours
Braking System
Double braking system with rear disc brake and E-ABS front brake
Max Load
230 Lbs
Frame Material
Aviation aluminum alloy
27 Lbs
Smart Technology
Onboard computer for speed and battery range LCD display + Levy App
8.5 inch tubeless, pneumatic tires

The Levy Electric Scooters come with a six month warranty covering parts due to manufacturing defects.

Items damaged due to misuse of the scooter, or incidental issues due to normal wear and tear (such as flat tires, worn brakes, joints loosening), are not covered under the warranty replacement program.

6 reviews for Levy Electric Scooter

  1. Robert S.

    Great scooter. It’s affordable, light, and zippy. The scooter has liberated me from having to drive everywhere, or deal with finding a lime or bird scooter. We’ve only had it a few weeks and have already used it heavily. If I were to buy another Levy Scooter (which I might) I would purchase the extra battery and the solid tires. The primary rider is just at the scooter’s weight limit and doesn’t get the advertised range from the battery. I’d guess he’s getting around 4-5 miles per charge, hence the need for the extra battery. Also, the tubed tires feel kind of insubstantial compared to the solid tires of a lime scooter. For lots of urban use, I’d recommend the heavier and more rugged ride of a solid tire.

  2. John B.

    Excellent value scooter for the price. Customer support team actually picks up the phone when I have questions which is more than I can say for most companies these days.

  3. David C.

    I’ve had my Levy now for 3 months. It is solidly built and functions perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised at how tough the tubeless tires are. They can really take a beating. I’ve been riding 1-4 miles a day and have had no problems. One tip for new owners: because scooter tires are so small, when you measure the air pressure, it can easily release too much of the air. Best to get a pump with a built-in pressure gauge. I’ve been using an electric one.

  4. Landon A

    I think I’m getting better mileage than advertised. I ride this to and from work every day. 3 miles each way, plus I run errands throughout the day. Such a fan!

  5. Anonymous

    A little weak on inclines and range is a little low on sports mode. Othwerise good ride, great for $499

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The owner of Levy, Eric Levenseller, started the company a few years ago. He noticed that all the ride share scooter companies had four letters like Bird, Spin, Uber, and Lyft, so he decided to go with his nickname growing up Levy.

Levy Electric is transforming urban mobility with uniquely designed, built-to-own electric scooters. Based on New York, we are one of the leading US-based companies designing lightweight electric vehicles.

Levy manufactures folding electric kick-scooters. They are made of lightweight aluminium, have a 350W motor and come with swappable battery packs. The battery case is waterproof and fireproof. The kick-scooter uses a double-braking system with a rear disc brake and E-ABS front brake. Its onboard computer uses an LCD display to show speed and battery range. It has LED headlights for safety.

Our Mission

Levy Electric is making affordable and lightweight electric vehicles accessible to all. We believe that rapid urbanization and innovation in battery technology will make Levy EVs the leading transportation of our future.

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