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The latest iteration of Levy’s fan-favorite electric scooter features a bigger battery pack for even more range (up to 20 miles) and ten-inch tires that offer more grip and shock-absorption. Its lightweight, quick-folding design make it a top pick among urban commuters. While you’re riding, you can switch between beginner, eco, or sport mode—or set the scooter to cruise control for easy coasting. Housed in an IP54 waterproof and anti-fire case, the 12.8 Panasonic battery on this scooter charges quickly, so you never have to go long between rides.

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Designed for the City & Beyond

Take your urban commute to the next level with Levy’s e-scooters. This one comes equipped with a front e-brake, back fender brake, and rear disc brake to give you even more control over your ride. Bright LED head- and taillights keep you visible on the road and light your path even at night.

Easily Swap Batteries & Double Your Range

This e-scooter lets you swap batteries easily and in seconds, doubling your range. Batteries are housed in the scooter’s stem, where they’re safe from the elements.

Lightweight and Ultra Portable

The Levy’s quick-folding design and lightweight frame (just 30 pounds) makes it a great option for commuters.

Model Name
Levy Plus
Top Speed
18 Mph
20 Miles range per battery
Powerful 36V 350W motor- 700W peak capacity
36 V, 12.8aH (460 Watt-hours) - Panasonic 18650 Li-Ion
Charge Time
3.5 hours
Braking System
Regenerative front braking and mechanical rear brake.
Max Load
230 Lbs
Frame Material
Aviation aluminum alloy
30 Lbs
Smart Technology
Levy App & LCD DIsplay
10 inch pneumatic, with inner tubes

The Levy Electric Scooters come with a six month warranty covering parts due to manufacturing defects.

Items damaged due to misuse of the scooter, or incidental issues due to normal wear and tear (such as flat tires, worn brakes, joints loosening), are not covered under the warranty replacement program.

6 reviews for Levy Plus

  1. Austen T

    Great build quality. The black color scheme is really sharp looking and the throttle and LED screen make the bike seem very sleek and modern. Light to carry and convenient for charging with an easy to remove battery pack. It’s rather quick too, getting up to 18mph in sport mode with ease and stopping. I went for the tubed tires since Chicago streets are atrocious and other scooter models have shown issues dealing with rough roads. This thing goes over some of the worse pot holes and uneven sidewalks well.

  2. John S.

    I am glad I opted for the Levy Plus with the 12.8 battery. I like the removable battery and ease of getting an additional battery should I need it. I remove the battery when parking it in certain places…nice to have a secondary anti-theft device (can’t ride it away…). So far I love it…only have had it for a week, but so far the Levy Plus has exceeded my expectations!

  3. Anonymous

    Great electric scooters for city commuting. I had mine out at my beach house all summer and the kids loved them. great for multiple types of roads / bike lanes. Range is best on long, smooth rides but still holds up in the city decently well.

  4. Rasool B

    The scooter is easy to use and handles nicely on NYC streets. I got the inflatable tires due to a friend’s recommendation and it makes for a smooth ride. My only disappointment is that because I use the fastest setting (about 15 mph), I have to charge it after a 2-3 mile trip or else the battery won’t make it on the return trip. The good news is that even when the battery is dead or near dead it still works as a scooter with a little more boost than only human powered. I was able to use it to my destination yesterday, and then because it was raining, I folded up and put in the back of the Uber on the way back. Very handy

  5. Jamey S.

    I love my Levy Plus. I have to park about a mile from where I work in a busy traffic area with a lot of crosswalks. Having this scooter cuts out at least 10-15 minutes of walking and waiting time. I love how easy it is to fold and get in and out of my jeep and only I’m 5′ tall and 120 lbs. The battery comes off super easy so when I get home in the evenings I just pull the battery off instead of bringing the whole scooter inside. Although it’s not a huge problem, I wish the handle bars didn’t swivel as much when not locked in place. Other than that there I have no complaints. I have had it a little over 2 weeks so far and love it.

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The owner of Levy, Eric Levenseller, started the company a few years ago. He noticed that all the ride share scooter companies had four letters like Bird, Spin, Uber, and Lyft, so he decided to go with his nickname growing up Levy.

Levy Electric is transforming urban mobility with uniquely designed, built-to-own electric scooters. Based on New York, we are one of the leading US-based companies designing lightweight electric vehicles.

Levy manufactures folding electric kick-scooters. They are made of lightweight aluminium, have a 350W motor and come with swappable battery packs. The battery case is waterproof and fireproof. The kick-scooter uses a double-braking system with a rear disc brake and E-ABS front brake. Its onboard computer uses an LCD display to show speed and battery range. It has LED headlights for safety.

Our Mission

Levy Electric is making affordable and lightweight electric vehicles accessible to all. We believe that rapid urbanization and innovation in battery technology will make Levy EVs the leading transportation of our future.

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